What's uCast?

uCast is a marketplace and ad management platform for podcasters and brands to launch ad campaigns in minutes. Our mission is very straightforward; we aim to democratize and simplify how podcast advertising works today.

It should be easy for podcasts to sell ads, and it should be even easier for brands to find the right podcast to advertise on. We plan to be the go-to marketplace for podcasters and brands of any size and on any budget.

Our platform uses a matchmaking algorithm to connect brands with the right podcasts with the highest ROI potential. The majority of existing solutions focus on supporting the top-earning podcasts, that's less than 3% of podcasts active today. uCast wants to make podcast advertising accessible and easy for any creator. We are redesigning the podcast advertising process. uCast is designed to instil trust and communication between Brands and Podcasts.

What we offer?

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille), the most common model, is a host-read ad (Dynamic or Embedded) that shows brands the rate of advertising on your podcast. We let podcasts determine their own CPM based on their reach and history of Ads.

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is an affiliate model that larger retail and consumer brands most commonly use. With CPAs, a podcaster is paid a commission for every sale they secure through the use of promo codes. This model is perfect for podcasts that are new/early in their podcasting journey and might not be a fit for CPM campaigns. This also works well for large podcasts that understand the purchasing behaviour of their listeners.

  • Resources - uCast provides a directory of podcast resources broken down by categories to help you find the best solutions for your podcast.

What makes uCast different?

You might've heard about or even experienced the nightmare of getting your podcast listed on any marketplaces/agencies on the market. Even if you get listed, you are not prioritized if you are not on the top netting podcasts. We are podcasters and creators who were tired and angered by the lack of tools that exist, so we built uCast with key features in mind:

  • Podcasts will only get matched with relevant ads, we don't want your listeners to hear about fishing equipment if you are a tech podcast.

  • Safety and fair deals are our top priority. We never want podcasts to deal with lowballing, unjust contracts, scammy behaviour, or ghosting again.

  • We have a team dedicated to bringing in new brands always - and we don't favour any podcast over another. We let the brands search for, and decide which podcasts they want to work with based on data and ad history.

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