CPM (Cost Per Mille)

CPM or Cost Per Mille breaks down how much you will be charging brands per 1000 listeners. We all know the CPM model is not perfect and this is why you will find "CPM/EP" on our platform where we allow a podcaster to set the price for a full episode instead.

We will be adding options for impressions as well as CPM in the near future, this is more specifically used for Podcasts that use Dynamic ad insertions across the entire history of the podcast.

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

Is an affiliate model that larger retail and consumer brands most commonly use. With CPAs, a podcaster is paid a commission for every sale they secure through the use of promo codes. This model is perfect for podcasts that are new/early in their podcasting journey and might not be a fit for CPM campaigns. This also works well for large podcasts that understand the purchasing behaviour of their listeners.

You can scroll through the list of CPA options available and apply to the Affiliates you want to work with!


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